Spear location above headlights

I am almost ready to send my car to the body shop but before I do I need to know the exact location of the holes for the headlight spears, the new wings I bought many years ago are not drilled and I want to do this before it is painted, any help would be great.



They are at Top Dead Centre - I will check and position (fore and aft) and send a photo this evening. Someone might beat me to it. Paul

I beat you to it Paul , but now I want to know too lol
I never noticed before but mine are diffrent !
one is at 5mm and the other 3mm , I am guessing there must be a bit of movement in the holes ,
So will try and sort mine out , try and go with around 4mm
Mine are factory wings , as are the head light rims , notice the rivet that holds a small plate on the inside , chrome is still good close to 60 years on , just worn off a little on the rivet
A good tip , the clip that holds the red indicator lens for the side light , tie a bit of sea fishing line around it , then if you need to remove it , you just pull on the line !

What I really need is the distance from the edge of the headlight aperture to the center of the first hole obviously the second hole has no choice but to go where the second pin falls.


Here’s a photo. Can’t get to the pins. Paul

Didn’t see this earlier. At least they’re consistent.

Thank you all for you help, I can now get out my drill take a stiff drink and drill holes in my new wings (GULP !!)