Speedometer right angle drive

Does anyone know why there are two part numbers for the speedo right angle drive for a series 1 Car.C22041 for RHD and C28053 for LHD car, Why would that be? I have a LHD car and have just bought a speedo with a right angle drive from a UK RHD car. Can I use either or is there some difference?


Sorry, Ian,

from looking at the Parts Catalogue it is hard to imagine why that part should be side-coded. The pages of a major supplier show pics of both parts and they do look different though.

Good luck

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Not that it’s relevant but there were several of those drives for different rear axle ratios. And different speedos, too.

Is the cable the same RHD and LHD? I could imagine that it differs due to routing to the tranny. If so, maybe their fittings are different at the speedo end?

If angle drive is a separate part from the drive lines, Ian - I cannot see why they should not be interchangeable…?.

But Robert may have a point about different diff ratios and speedos. Routinely, US (LHD) tend to have a different diff ratio from the European (RHD)…?

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