Sphincter test - old fuses

The first, I never had happen: the second…yes. In the mountains. In a twisty canyon.

Many gray hairs sprouted… :scream:

Someone, somewhere, recognised this could be a problem. This was their solution.

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Been there, done that. Oh the joys of old Brit Iron with a WIPAC magneto! The culprit was one of Britain’s war thefts… err… reparations… a DKW ripoff badged as a BSA Bantam. Flat out was just a little faster than Usain Bolt.

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intermittent headlights happened to me when I first got my car.
My inability to diagnose I put down to my mechanical ineptitude.
Turned out to be the 8 way backlight connector inside the bonnet…which is not shown on the diagram.

Whereas I like them, possibly for the same reason I like joints you can lube and diffs with drain plugs. Just one more thing to tinker with. I am still the only person I know of who rebuilds Lucas fuses:

Helps if they are the old ones with a hole in the end of each cap:

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Add me to your list, I believe I have resoldered a couple of myself.

Interesting, Where do you source the filaments from?

I believe fuse filaments are usually a lead/tin alloy but I have experimented with small gauge copper wire and find it blows predictably at the low amperage of these fuses. I find I can very much error on the side of caution as a 17a continuous typically never sees anything near 17a in our applications.


So 12 ga THWN is probably a no-go? :grimacing:


You can still buy fuse wire and try to re-solder old fuses. I tried that for an old British airplane I used to own because I was down to just a few spare fuses. Those fuses were physically a bit larger than the ones in our cars. The problem I had is that I was never able to get the ends really tight on the glass. They worked but I never used them in the plane. I did finally get a hold of some new old stock fuses and used those instead.

I don’t remember the brand of the electric components in that plane but it was all much more robust the the Lucas stuff in our cars.

Or, a sawn-off 1/4" bolt shank.


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Aero Vulcan was a big supplier. I wanted to dummy a AV bomb jettison switch on an old plane of mine. The FAA didn’t see it my way!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: