Squeaking noise brakes of Real wheels

How can a squeaking noise on the brake of the rear wheel be eliminated? The brake pads are touching the brake disc. The adjustment screw on the brake calliper has already been loosened so much that the handbrake has almost no braking effect. Sorry the question is related to a XK 150 FHC from 1959.

If the handbrake pads are touching the disks, it could be that the disk is not centralized correct.
Or the brass Fork that spreads the pads is not doing its job.

Hans, the handbrake adjuster screw does not adjust the brake pads, they are self adjusting. Are you saying that the squeak is there continuously or only when you apply the brakes. If only when you apply brakes the brake pads may be vibrating in the caliper, apply a smear of anti seize to the back of the pad that is in contact with the piston.Readjust the handbrake screw as noted in the handbook.

The Noise is existent all the time - during using the brake is not squeaking. The noise is not continously - it is like noncircular bike wheel

Can you reproduce the noise if you jack up one rear wheel and spin it…if so remove wheel then spin the hub to see exactly where the noise is from…are these new brakes…has the problem just started…check tbat the discs are running true…Steve

The handbrake brake pads are operated on a fulcrum so that they self center, however if the fulcrum pins are binding or seized it means the pads will still be touching the disc causing it to continuously rub.
Suggest you remove the wheels and get some anti seize liquid on the pins [ fulcrum ] you may have to remove the complete caliper and do a strip down if you cannot release a seized pin.

Thanks a lot - no new brakes. I have already turnend the wheel with jack up car - no noise then.

Thanks a lot for the help - I think that maybe the brake disk is the Problem - nevertheless at a test tour yesterday may Observation was that it might be a Problem of the drive shaft because the squeaking is not existant during speed-up, during crusing the squeaking is there.

The best way forward is to get the rear end jacked up under the axel…both sides…wheels off…engine running and in gear…you can then simulate you driving…and listen for the noise…Steve