SRS Module connector colors

I have a 1996 X300 and had the SRS module rebuilt and i presume tested as well. I reinstalled the module but the fault ( light on and airbag is on the display ). I would love to know what color connector goes to the top and bottom spots. I was the one who removed it.
Thanks for any info.

Without knowing what DTCs are logged in the module, you won’t know what to repair?

A ‘B’ code (body code) is logged if the light is on?

Hi motorman, no codes are found when using a scan tool and the lights do not flash after start. It is just the normal start procedure, all lamps on, then all lamps off, finally the airbag warning lamp on along with the word “airbag” in the odometer space.

Simple code readers will NOT read ‘C’ codes, ‘B’ codes or ‘U’ codes.

‘P’ codes are POWERTRAIN codes. Standard readers ONLY read ‘P’ codes.

You need to read ‘B’ codes for SRS. (airbag)

Thanks motorcar man.