SS 100 leather spring gaiters

Spring leather gaiters for ss 100 were they lace on top or underside of spring. Wefco are shown lace on underside here in the uk they would get wet and salt from the roads. I note XK 120 and 140 are different.

Maybe swings and roundabouts. Top lacing will capture water in the bottom. Bottom lacing lets the spring get wet but will drain.


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Thanks Peter unlikely there is an original SS 100 with the gaiters in tact to see how they were originally. I have fitted a pair stitching on top and they pull up very close with an application of a dubbing I doubt any water would get in.

@Ed_Nantes will undoubtedly know: sewn on the bottom makes sense.

Yes I saw some pics Ed posted of his and they were laced from the bottom.

My Mark V has grease nipples on top, laces on the bottom.

AFAIK all leaf spring gaiters are this way.
Here’s another one at Beverly Hills.

And an XK120.

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Lacing on the bottom makes perfect sense, since there is no way to perfectly seal off the gaiters from water incursion.

I should have mentioned there was an inner wrapping material, cotton sheet I suppose, which holds in the grease and keeps out the rain water. I looked for mine just now but I guess I threw it out because it was so scuzzy. There is also an overlapping piece sewn to the inside of the gaiter, like the tongue of a shoe.

Thanks Rob and Paul it looks as if they were laced from the bottom, which is where I feel they would get most wet given the wings on a 100 are wide and more than cover the top. The grease nipple is opposite the lace side and there is a case for that to be on top thus lased from underneath. I’ve never managed to post pics on the forum but may try. The wefco gaiters are not lased as attractively as the ones in your pics Rob, but have the inner waterproof membrane and protection.

PII Rolls’ had the Bijur chassis lube pump hooked to the spring gaiters: always fascinated me as a kid!

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