SS1 cars history

I am working on a book on details of all known SS1 cars past and present.
I had located this photo many years ago on a unusual web page but could not get a larger pic did anyone ever save this photo or know where I can get a better copy or the rego number or who Mystery Motors are?

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Hi Terry,

No idea about that one, but I would be interested to know more about the SS1’s (& SS2’s) sold new in Estonia in the 1930’s. None were sold new in Finland but one pre-owned SS1 OT was privately imported from England in the late 1930’s and has remained here ever since. I can send you a couple of photos of it of you like, it was even in a colour 8mm film from the early 1960’s, back then still unrestored. There are a couple of other SS1’s that have been here briefly, but no SS2’s. AFAIK at the moment only one SS Jaguar and one SS100.


Hi Terry,
This car used to reside with my in-law’s neighbour in Wanganui, NZ. I don’t know where it is now, but you may be able to trace it via the rego number. No chassis number is listed for it, only a VIN that would have been supplied when it was reregistered.


Kevin thanks for pic you note VIN number what is that number ?
thanks terry

SS1’s in Estonia guessing that will be a very small number if any!
love to see the pic from film of car in Finland or any other pics
thanks terry

VIN from Carjam is 7A899120700261908. That number will bear no resemblance to any factory number, though. BTW, if you don’t know Carjam is a free site that you can obtain vehicle details from, but not ownership details. You can go on and do a search by make\model, showing 5 cars 1935 to 1938

Technically an applied Vin number should have part of a reference number from actual car could be last 4 or 6 numbers as per this NZ registered XK140 chassis number 814229

NZ SS1 4 light registered [34SS1] is 248173
was Reilly Palmerstone North

If EVER I was dumb/rich enough to build a tribute car… it’d be one of these!

Truly one of the nicest prewar SSs.

I met my girlfriend in 1978 when I owned an E Type, which is why (to be) In-laws mentioned the SS nextdoor. The eccentric owner was happy to show it to me, although he said the garage doors hadn’t been opened in more than 10 years and the car had been stored there since 1964 IIRC. At that stage, I couldn’t comprehend how you could store a car away since I was at primary school, but of course , later on I did exactly the same with my cars. I did harbour faint dreams of acquiring the SS, but realistically, at that stage of my life, I would not have been able to do it justice, and the current owner clearly has, so all good. At the time, I thought it was a really old car, 43 years or so, my Sovereign is now 10 years older!