SS100 Brake drums

Hi I need new brake drums for my SS100 . Has anyone a direction for me where I can find drums front and rear.
Doesn`t matter where in the world
kind regards

I can pass your request along to the only person I know that might be able to get you that, and that is a guy in Australia.

Good morning
And thanks for the response.
If you could be so kind and pass it to the guy.
Maybe he can help us.
Kind regards from the cold Germany :snowflake::grin:
Thank you again

Hi Ralph
Upper classics based in NZ specialise in SS100

I believe I have a set of four, but I’d need you to verify.

Pics in the morning, located in Colorado, USA

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How in the tarnation…!!!

The drums for SS100 are listed as part number 109/C, for 13" x 1-1/2" Girling non-servo brakes.

But for '38-'40 saloons they are part 883, for 14" x 1-3/4" Girling non-servo brakes.

For '46-'48 saloons they are part C.1222, for 14" x 1-3/4" Girling two-leading-shoe brakes.

Note the difference in appearance.
My '38 car came to me with drums like the second type picture.
I wonder if they have been changed?

My set is finned like your first example, will get pics and post.

Midnight auto supply, at Pebble Beach :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

They were in Jim’s wares.


So you will want to measure the inside diameter, whether they are 13" or 14".

Here is mine, 14".

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Copy, thanks

Inside diameter is 13.5 ID, and from the outside edge of the friction surface, is 14” ID. Sorry for horrible measurement pics.

Center bore just under 4”

Zero wear from what I see, “L&E” stamped as well as “B” on inside of drum.

That’s very interesting. The idea appears to be cooling fins, like the Alfin drums on other sports cars.

The drums on a PIII Rolls are like that…but MUCH larger.


Hi Rob

Thanks for the mails I send them to my Father he is the Brit Guy I´m french prewar guy :wink:

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I have a spare set of 13 inch drums here in Australia. the same drum fits the SS Jaguar tourer