SS100 transmission cover

The transmission cover on #39064 had been repaired in the past with some aluminum pop-riveted onto the heavy hard rubber, and the flanges where it mates to the floorboards were about gone. I made the new one on the right with a material that was new to me. It’s used by people who make their own “cosplay” armor and shields to wear at comic book conventions. Looks like sheets of foam clad on both sides with hard plastic, I bought 1/8 inch thick sheets from Micro-Mark. You heat it to above 300 F with a high temp heat gun until it softens, then form it, it returns to being rigid as it cools. I had to experiment with some plywood forms to get the shape right - with some perseverance you can form compound curved shapes.
Who says old guys can’t learn new things? But even though I have some leftover materials, I’m not planning on making myself an Avengers outfit… Dave

Ed Nantes would either have loved this, or hit the ceiling.
I remember he commented once on the repro rubber SS100 trans covers, but I forget whether it was positive or negative.

Why not? :laughing:

Yes, looks like the part, pretty good.
I miss Ed, I did send a few e-malis to him last year, but no response. :frowning:

I wish him well, and of course everyone hereas well.


There is an SS100 restorer here in the UK who has in the past made batches of proper rubber covers. His name is Derek Sharpe. They need to be modified for use in the saloons but here’s what they look like.You could probably buy one via Home - Davenport Cars


Unfortunately Derek no longer does them, he had them made based on the original saloon covers and one then reduces them in length for the 100, they remain remarkably stable when trimmed.