Stainless Steel Bumpers

Has anybody (or know somebody who has) replaced their chromed bumper bars with stainless steel bumper bars on any saloon?

Two such suppliers are :

Would appreciate any experiences, thoughts, especially any potential drawbacks. Much cheaper than rechroming and rechroming seems to be becoming more and more problematic with EPA tightening regulations.

Yes, I purchased them but haven’t fitted them. I will before panting as the rear mounting pads are not even. The mounting brackets are tach welded and then glued. They are beautiful looking but fit will leave much to desire. I can’t afford or justify the cost of rechroming so this was my only option. Some will gripe about being thinner material, but stainless is usually tougher material. The original mild steel bumpers bend pretty easy so I think it’s a wash.

I wrote the company with my problems and got a reply “We will fix this on the next batch”.

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Just did an E-Type with their product. The rears fit better than factory, the front left okay, the right needed dremeling and shims.

Good value for money and they look great.

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Is that for your 420G ?

My front and rear need rechroming, $900 quote for front bar $100 for each over rider

I saw the SS units for 420G advertised years ago, made in France I think, presumably they press them out by order ?

I believe someone said they are not as shiny as chrome

please be my gunea pig and update the forum :grinning:

ps, fitting a 420G rear bumper is a pretty horrible job, I have done it several times now
3 people is best, but I have woeked out how to do it on my own

(my G had a towbar fitted, which I have removed, but did not throw away )

Hi Tony, when did you obtain that quote? My most common quote is between $6-7k and the lead time is 6-12 months. I have heard horror stories of people not doing a good job for this money. The most reliable plater in Melb has closed. Likely others will too as EPA tightens up regs.

I haven’t looked into sending bumpers to SA. But the stainless ones are about $4.6K including shipping, import taxes and GST. 20 days to produce and 4 days air freight.

I have plenty of polished stainless steel around the house, definitely shiny enough. My concern in the fitment.

It’s quite a difficult decision to make. If I have mine rechromed I’ll have to find another set to either rechrome or put on the car, I can’t keep the car off the road for 6-12 months.

Photos from the supplier

Probably within last 12 months, Hamilton Chrome Newcastle NSW, I suggest you give them a call, they have a good reputation, It is absolutely essential that it is done properly by a trusted shop

Wait time (for some other items I asked about) was 3months, but that was just before this Xmas

Years ago Dubbo Chrome was good but the old geezer who owned it would be long gone by now, dont know if someone else took over

There is a place in SE Qld, I believe they may be called Wizard Chrome, state they can do Mazak

I would also check with local Jag or other car clubs for personal recommendation

Even better are OMG guys who take pride in their older Harleys.

Whatever shop does their work will be the most reliable

My experience was with XK 140 SS rear bumers. I don’t remember the source. In my case they looked good but I had to re profile the over riders to match the new bumpers.

Hi Steve,

If you did follow up any of those leads, would you mind confirming (or updating) the forum on prices and lead times, especially my local one, although I am taking some other items to them fairly soon and will confirm.

It will be a good thing if we get them fully inspired on the mighty 420G :smiley:

Tony, after consulting widely, somebody reputable in rural VIC (2.5 h away) was recommended to me who can rechrome for less than the stainless steel bumpers at ~$3K. I think I’d rather do that that risk going stainless steel which would be ~
$4.6K after GST and import taxes. My bumpers are in excellent condition, just signs of copper coming through in certain light. The only issues is the lead time is 6 months, may have to see if I can get a second set of bumpers to put on my car while it’s being done. I don’t think I’ll pull the trigger on that until May.

If you are a serious long term owner a good set of spare bumpers and overrider’s is one of those parts I would say is good to have.

They do come up occasionally, but really nice ones are rare (and fairly expensive)

Vic seems to be the home of 420G in Australia

I really wanted to buy a wreck about 10yrs ago from down there, it was exact color scheme as mine with newish high quality interior, had been owned by an elderly gent rear ended by a 4wd, write-off and he was out, included a whole spare car, cant recall the price but it was less than a new interior

Wouldn’t it be wise to buy a mediocre set of bumpers for a re-chrome and keep Your pretty good set as a spare ? Sometimes platers mess things up (s*it happens) …

I had a lot of chroming done recently in UK as no one in Ireland is doing it anymore. Furthermore the EU is banning all chroming activity so the UK will be the only place to have it done unless they follow this regulation too which is entirely possible!! You will notice all the bathroom accessories are now going Black as the colour of the moment - I guess this is the reason.
My list of parts for a Daimler V8 wide bumper with quoted cost is below for information. This company does a proper job of plating and chroming as it should be done. Many small parts are cheaper to buy new rather then re chrome but if the part is NLA then chroming is the only answer. The job was completed 18 months ago.

3 x bumpers £650 each

2 x Overriders £75 each

1 x Repairs to bumpers and overriders £120

4 x various door frames £350 each

1 x Handbrake lever £65

1 x Handbrake button £6.50

9 x Various trim joiners and ends £9.50 each

2 x pins £6.50each

2 x Visor arms £25 each

2 x Mazak Visor brackets £24 each

2 x Handle escutcheons £12.50 each

2 x Internal Handles (Mazak) £32each

3 x Button head cam bolts £9.50 each

2 x ¼ hinge levers £12.50 each

2 x ¼ window gutter trims £12.50 each

2 “U” Glass frames £110 each

4 x various Glass frame Uprights £52 each

2 x Counter sunk hole trims £42 each

2 x ¼ window frames (including removal hinge and re-fit) £138 each

1 x body moulding (including Repairs to straighten ) £165

2 x capping’s (Including dent removal and straightening) £125 each

Prices will go up so I decided to get this done and store the parts for my project car.

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Wow those prices aren’t that bad. I’m on the wrong side of the pond. I was quoted $3000.00 for one bumper with overriders.

The stainless is as shiny as chrome. I wish build quality was better ( mounting brackets), but I can make them work.

For my E-type, I was charged over $11k for chrome plating 131 pieces to the highest standard, in 2021. It was subcontracted out by the shop that restored my car but they invoiced me at their cost. For my Series 2 XJ12, if I ever get to that point, I’m thinking stainless is the way to go since I want to convert to Euro-style bumpers also.

I put a front and rear one on my Gordon Keeble.Not as shiny as chrome but more than OK for me.
Needed shims to get the two rear parts adjusted plus rubber strip to hide the gap.
Quite happy with the result!

I had the stainless steel bumpers on my MK2 , wide bumper. The front I got to fit pretty well after a fight. The rear never looked right. There was not enough curve to match the profile of the back of the car. Though I did eventually ge them mounted they looked liked I had been ever so gently rear ended. Eventually bit the bullet and had my originals rechromed.