Starter motor symptoms of failure

(carsoncitysmith) #1

Does anyone have experience with a starter motor breaking down?
I have a 2006 3.0 V6 automatic with 182,000 miles.
I have had the car for 18 months and it runs fine. I always thought the starter motor made more noise than what I would expect but it has not been a problem. It did fail to engage a couple times, just briefly over the last 18 months.
Today it seemed to engage is sort of a sloppy way, like maybe the bendix was getting tired or I had a bad spot on the ring gear. I tried it 3-4 times and could not get the engine to start.
A couple hours later it made the same half hearted attempts and then the engine started. Twice.
If anyone has had a starter motor fail on their 3.0 Xtype can you tell me of any symptoms of failure before the last day?
I am really hoping it is not a worn spot in the ring gear.
I will be off line for about a month and not able to access or reply here, I apologize in advance for not promptly acknowledging your responses.
P. Smiith

(Andrew Waugh) #2

How old is your battery?

I’m not sure about how the Bendix/throw mechanism is on the X-Type, but many of the mechanical ones depend on the initial rate of spinup to engage. If your battery is marginal it may not throw the pinion sufficiently.

(Robin O'Connor) #3

I would expect the X type to have a non-bendix starter utilising a throw in solenoid.

(W. Schuster) #4

You would be better off to replace the starter motor with that much
mileage on it, they don’t cost that much.
Bosh is a good brand

(carsoncitysmith) #5

Hi: I am back from a trip and grateful for your responses. I have decided that the starter is OK after all. I got spooked because the engine didn’t just fire up on the first thrust from the starter, the engine had to turn over and I had never heard that happen before without it firing right up.
Why the engine didn’t just fire up on the first turn is another question, I will get a fresh tank of gas and maybe some injector cleaner and see if that goes back to normal.
I just drove a small Fiat diesel for 2 weeks, a rental. That was different. Ran fine.
P. Smith

(carsoncitysmith) #6

I have decided the starter is not ok after all. Once in a while, and just a little too often, it will grind instead of engage the flywheel. So I am getting a new Bosch starter to be installed. I certainly do not want to get a new ring gear and I fear that grinding is the failure to fully engage the ring gear. And I recall from the olden days that engines would more often come to a stop at a certain top dead center so that the starter engages in one spot more often than elsewhere. This would mean more grinding on that critical spot and total failure to engage some inconvenient day.
I had to assure my mechanic that it was really a Taurus or Lincoln or Mercury and not the boogey man of a Jaguar that he fears. I have changed starters before, I could probably do it, but the first page of the Repair Manual specifies an engine support bracing tool and removing the engine support bar, so I will pass on the pleasure of doing it myself.