Starting issues when hot

Hi people I wonder if anyone else has this issue with their XK8. I have a 1998 XK8 which start beautifully first time every time but only for the first time. If I switch it off once up to temperature and then try to restart it either straight away or within 10 mins of switching off she just won’t start, turns over but doesn’t fire up. I literally have to wait for an hour while the engine cools then she starts beautiful again. This is annoying as it means the wife has the perfect excuse to wonder off to the shops and spend money while waiting for the car to cool down lol. Any ideas?

You probably need to drive to get the engine up to temp and then attach a fuel pressure gauge.

Loss of pressure and possible vapor lock could be your issue?

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Thanks will give that ago.

When you do find the problem and correct it, please post the results, so the rest of us can benefit. Thanks.

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