Steering ignition switch xke s3, xj or xjs

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I m looking for an ignition switch for an xke / e type s3.
I think the one from other cars such as the xj or xjs can suits.
I m talking about the part that is rotating with the key. It is behind the “neiman” lock.I dont want to purchase a complete lock with keys only because the switch is wrong.
Thank you for you returns

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This from a ‘71 XJ, suit you sir?

Hi Peter,
Yes maybe. But i m only look for the switch.
What about the price?

So just this part Michel?
Part number on this is 35315A.
I’m in Main et Loire close to BAUGÉ’
2 hours from you, so cost of postage minimal.

PM your address if switch seems OK.

Hi Peter,
I ve received the lock. Thank you so much to ship it free of charge !!
It sounds to be the same than the one I ve.
I ve not tried it yet. I will do this in a few days. I l keep you informed.
Encore merci​:grin::ok_hand: