Steering rack, series 3 threaded fittings specs

What the are fittings thread type and sizes on the Jaguar XJ6 steering rack, series 3 version? We need to make custom lines since the XJ6 now has a Corvette LS3 engine and Holley front accessories installed. Holley steering pump is on the driver side tucked under the alternator. The Holley pump has an AN fitting for the high pressure line and a hose barb for the lower pressure side. We need the specs for the Jaguar rack threaded holes.

Is the high pressure side 11/16-18 and the low pressure 5/8-18?

I believe the high pressure is 1/2-20 and the low side is 5/8-18. Can anyone confirm this for a SERIES 3 XJ6 steering rack?

I just checked a spare rack I have. Those thread sizes seem correct, but note that the intended fittings are inverted flare, as used in hard brake lines. They seem like standard SAE fittings for 5/16 and 3/8 tubing, respectively. I have the hoses, too, with said fittings.

Thanks Robert, very helpful.