Stereo upgrade looking for input

(David Martin) #1

Looking to get a good sounding system at a resonable cost, cassette is caput and 4 out of 6 speakers are kaput any ideas? 4 door speakers and 2 under the rear seat.

(motorcarman) #2

I use repair kits for the foam surrounds.
Blown voice coils are another matter.

There are differences in the 1988/89 and the later cars
Please include MY in your inquiry. (I hate mystery cars)


(Casso) #3

Hi Bob, I’m quite satisfied with the standard system in my car but I’m having a problem where the speakers ‘rattle’ when the bass is turned up any higher than the middle setting. It is a 93 model and has four door mounted speakers about 5" in dia and two smaller speakers fitted into the rear parcel shelf, do you think one of those foam kits you recommend would solve this rattling problem ? How can I tell if the voice coils are damaged ? All the speakers are working and sound nice around the medium volume but the rattling occurs when I crank it up high or turn up the bass on a particularly bassy CD.

(motorcarman) #4

If the speaker has SOUND from it, then the voice coil is OK.

The speaker repair websites describe how to measure the loudspeaker for the kit required.
I just use generic kits sold on the site. I don’t remember what size I use, I just pull a speaker and measure, order the kit and glue the new foam. Reinstall the speaker and go on with my life.

The XJ40 uses a different size/kit than the X300/X308. I sold my XJ40 so I can’t tell you what size it is. (I don’t remember)

I do have a few X308 parts cars on my property so I just remove, repair and install them as I need for the cars that are running.

The repair websites have videos and instructions.


(David Martin) #5

Mine has 4inch below the rear seat and 3 inches in all 4 doors, problem is they are 6 ohms and tough to find, can’t use any bass without distiortion, tried 8 ohms but that was worse.

(Mike Stone) #6

I’m no audiophile and probably showing my ignorance here but if the impedance is an issue can’t you use a 4 ohm speaker and add a 2 ohm resistor?


( Larry ) #7

8 ohms shouldn’t be worse, they should be better (a bit quieter though)

(David Martin) #8

I am no expert but the 8 ohm speakers sounded like garbage, broken scratchy etc., I am thinking new system but 3 inch speakers for the doors seem a bit rare.

( Larry ) #9

It ain’t the speakers then, 8 ohm speakers would be stiffer than 6’s so would need a bit more of a ‘push’ to get them going … but would be more solid not less …therefore … garbage in = garbage out :slightly_smiling_face:

redo the surrounds as Bob suggests, cheap and easy to do and USUALLY all that’s wrong with them. Just did a pair of Boston speakers easy job, good as new now. Total cost $15.

(Grooveman) #10

David …

I put together a relatively inexpensive sound system in my '89 XJ40 that sounds fantastic. Almost everyone who rides in my car compliments me on the system.

3.5" Alpine 2 way speakers in all 4 doors, and two 5.5" mini subwoofers under the rear seat. Subwoofers driven by a small amp in the trunk. Stereo is an older Sony that has separate subwoofer output controls and has one Gigabyte (about 700 songs) of memory built in. Now all the new generation stereos accept thumb drive input that makes your song library virtually unlimited.

All in I spent maybe $500 on the whole thing, and once again the sound is superb. A lot of distortion free bass if you like that sort of thing. The door speakers took just a slight modification but I did have to trim out some sheet metal to fit the rear 5.5" speakers. Running the wiring for the subwoofer amp took a while. But I love music so all the work was well worth it. I even finished by tricking out my steering wheel with volume and song selection controls … sweet … they don’t call me the “Grooveman” for nothing :sunglasses: