Still The COOLEST Looking Race Car, EVAH!

Not to mention the hormone inducing sounds… I certainly wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to turn a few slow laps in one of these.


In the same class but I think the Jaguar Silk Cut a nicer car.
But given choice I’d go for a Ford GT40 or even better a 1960 era F1 car.
And why only slow laps.

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I prefer this

My 1966 Jaguar XJ13 Recreation
The Sports Car Factory Chassis No.001

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XJ13 is Definitely on my top ten list.

Such a beautiful and wonderful looking and sounding piece of automotive art. My bet is that Ferrari got wind of the car and pressed the FIA into changing the formula to their advantage.

I doubt I would fit, given the opportunity. One of my ex-neighbors has a 1980’s Indy car, one of the last folded aluminum monococque chassis. I sat in it, or i tried to sit in it. Not gonna happen. My hips are wider than the width between the box sections that form the monococque. I shed a small tear.

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There’s a reason that almost all modern race drivers are basically jockeys… :slight_smile: