Strange notifications today

Hi Admins, all of a sudden I’ve been getting blue-circle-by-my-icon notifications that link to an old E-type thread that was resurrected today called Reproduction Parts Problems. None of the replies are actually directed to me and the only interaction I’ve had with the thread is liking someone’s post last year. Kinda weird, I thought you should know.


LOL Mike. Looks like you started that thread back in 2018! Don’t worry, I can barely remember what I had for breakfast :pancakes:
As thread originator, you get notified when someone posts to it. You can probably turn this off in your settings, but someone else is going to have to tell you how to do this….


Thanks Dave… I completely forgot about starting that thread 5 years ago :wink: but in my defense I usually don’t start threads in the E-Type forum and the recent posts were odd. I scrolled up a little and saw that I liked someone’s post but didn’t go to the top to see that I started it. Rookie mistake - duh.

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You can change the notifications for a topic, just look beneath the last message in the thread: