Strange things on thread notification

I have been getting notifications of new messages with the little blue numbers…but they might be for a thread I finished…and it brings me to a message 2 years ago. then I scroll down to read the “1” indicated nesw message and there is none.

What is up with that.

if you get email notification then select - unsubscribe

no, I am talking about in the upper right hand corner. the little blue numbers that tell you how many comments have been made on a thread to which you have contributed. I go to the number and instead of taking me to the last post, it takes me to a post I made 2 yrs ago, for instance. Then I follow the long thread all the way to the end and I see that there is not even a new post on that thread.

Is it a reply to your post, someone liking a post, or someone @BillJag -ing you? Do you have a screen shot?

I know there were instances of really old notifications popping up for a period last year.

Good question!

Ah, yes, I remember that.

Bill, were you by any chance gone from J-l for a while, then recently came back? If that’s the case, this could be a result of that glitch a while back.

sadly, I am on here every day…with good reason.


Hm, then my next suspect would be cookies. Do you use some form of security plugin in your browser which might interfere with creating and reading cookies?

Firefox: blocks non essential cookies

but if it is an issue of cookies, why doesn’t it do it to every thread I have been on

What type of notification is it? If someone likes an old post of yours and you click on that notification it will take you back to the old post that they liked.

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