Strengthening the body SII

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Some time back, on this forum I think, another member shared the method he used to strengthen the body of his SII by welding a number of bars in and around the engine bay. I did not pay much attention to this then.

The matter of body strengthening crept up again when inspecting the underpinnings of a friend’s AM DB7: there is a massive brace frame under there!!

What is the current wisdom re this matter for a XJ6 C ?


A cross bar over the engine between the wings/strut attachment bolts? I don’t really think it is that neccessary though.

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What I remember was the welding of T shapes bars in a few places. Wish I could find the thread again.


I seem to remember that there were tales about cracks around the C pillar and at the A pillar on SI, II cars caused by excessive vibrations. Since I’ve worked on my dashboard I haven’t been able to keep the dashboard cover from vibrating upon serious body shakes. So yes, I suppose the body of the cars could be stiffer.

Arguably though, the car seems to be very solid and strong. Car bangers and stunt pilots loved it and the car structure seems to offer plenty of reserves even for spirited driving - the SI, II cars had around 180 DIN hp, as compared to 400+ hp in a 12 cylinder AM DB7.

So, I tend to think that reinforcement of the body structure is pretty much the last thing on my ever-growing to-do list for my car - but that’s only my car.

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75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

IIRC the coupé has different problems. This was recognized by Jaguar as indicated by beefing up the C-pillars to compensate for absence of B-pillars. The slender A-pillars were a problem in all S1-2 cars, although the visible cracking seems to be superficial.

Sure, Robert,

the coupes share platform, wheelbase and lever with SI and Ii SWB cars, but lack the B pillar. So their architecture should be different.

But still … People seem to be complaining rather of wind noises or sagging doors than of lack of structural rigidity of coupes, even though it might all be related.



75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Thank you for this folks.
My recollection is about some welding work in and around the engine bay rather… May be I dreamt it all :slight_smile:

No, I think I know what you mean, but deemed it unnecessary by all means.

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