Stupid Seatbelt Question

So the center rear seat of a 2006 XJ8 has a seat belt and a buckle tucked vertically into the back seat which only slides up and down but does not “untuck” to pull and buckle the belt. Gotta be a child seat feature but anyone know the way to adult buckle? Is it missing an attachment? Found nothing online, on YouTube or in the driver manual.

I know it’s something really simple and stupid but on any given day that’s a good description of me.

Any help is appreciated.

I presume you mean that, when you pull that central dark brown belt, it doesn’t unreel like the far end ones do? It’s not a child seat feature: your reel is stuck. You can try giving it a good hard tug but I suspect it’s broken and replacement is your best option.

Getting the seat out is a challenge, mostly due to getting access to the clips under the squab but it’s not beyond even me, a half-way competent DIYer. There are plenty of videos that show you how.

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I understand why it’s not clear. I can pull the belt down no issue. It’s the buckle. If you look at this picture, it is tucked up into the seat. It slides up and down, but does not come out of its slot. The belt buckle will not fit into that tiny little slot to fasten.

Sorry was not clearer.

It should simply pull out.

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On the right of the picture is the red receiver. This should pull out of the seat back if you intend to use it. (otherwise leave it alone).

Then pull the belt across. (from the right of the picture to the left and put it into the receiver

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Right? It should just pull out but seems only to slide up and down. I’m likely just too cautious so I will put a little more force behind it after the work hours today. I appreciate you all being nice about it. Odd - I can easily switch out engine parts but that darned belt buckle is baffling me.

The owners manual should, I would think, show how to use and fasten that center seat belt.

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Yes, weird. Read it front to back and it seems to assume what I did until trying it after a passenger could not buckle- any idiot knows how to buckle seat belts, because it did not appear to address the issue. I’ll retrace every step and report back.

Use a trim tool to tease it out.

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It may have never been pulled out before and is ‘stuck’ from being tucked in place for 25+ years?


SO…the trim tool worked like a charm. All your help was much appreciated and worked. Summary: this car had only two (2) childless, zero backseat passenger owners before me. The belt was confirmed by the prior owner “never used before.” Sure enough it was “tucked in tight” just like new. A sight to see and experience. My only suggestion is find the right size trim tool, insert on a side of the buckle and just gently pry. Didn’t take much with the trim tool. Great work all. With any luck this solved an esoteric, simple Jag XJ8 problem for someone else some day.

On to my throttle body clean.