Super charger advice

I have recently been hearing a grumble from the top of my 1998 4.0L engine. Removed s/c and found:- oil puddle in the intake elbow and generally over the internals, light scoring to the casing inside, small area of missing finish to one of the vanes (but no scoring in this area), very slight but definite play in the rear bearings accompanied with a “click” as the vanes are moved sideways by hand. The oil drained from the plug was about 170ml - is this less than full capacity and would it account for the oil in the elbow etc? I assume there should be zero detectable play in the bearings? I haven’t separated the casing yet.

Am I right thinking replacement bearings and drive gears will give it a new lease of life?

Will try to uploads photos below.


I have spoken with a v helpful gent from a specialist supplier and ordered the 2x bearings for the snout shaft and the 2x needle rollers at the back of the casing plus a new OEM coupling. For anyone else interested:- the loss of coating to the vanes is not a big problem; an end float of 3 thou in the vanes is acceptable (significant end float indicates failed front casing bearings which are a xxxxx to replace); a lateral play of 3 thou in the rear of the vanes running in the needle rollers indicates replacement needle rollers required; oil residue may be from the breather hose particularly of the front bearings are OK.