Superblack's Boot Locked Me Out

I went to retrieve something from Superblack’s unlocked boot earlier today and it would not budge. :open_mouth: I know I haven’t opened it in a few weeks, but I know for sure I left it unlocked last time I closed it. There’s no way it could have somehow automatically locked either b/c her battery isn’t even connected. Fortunately, I just needed the key to unlock her again and she opened. :disappointed_relieved:

Anyone have this happen before? Any idea what could cause it, so I can hopefully do something to prevent it in case next time I don’t have her key handy? :grimacing:

IIRC, there’s some theory about how you unlock the boot. Like, whether you turn the key a quarter turn or a half turn, or something like that. Someone who has a later car needs to describe it.

Does your model year offer a valet key? The facelifts have a black key, which opens everything, all the time and starts the car, and a green valet key which will not unlock the boot, but will operate everything else, including starting the car.

Does the button not give, or does it, but doesn’t unlatch anything?

As Kirby suggests, but a picture from owner manual. Describes positioning of the key slot for the boot, and how they correlate to black key. Green key. And security system Processing: 20220509_125327.jpg…

That may be the case, Palmdude … sounds kinda familiar … So are you saying that last time I unlocked it if I didn’t move the key to the correct slot then it was like “set” so that it would automatically lock again when I closed it? :confused: These '92 MYs are such a (“hybrid” - to put it nicely) … :slightly_frowning_face: I wish I had an owner’s manual set for it, but never could find one (at a reasonable price) … :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks, Jim … but I can’t get that link to work … :slightly_frowning_face:

Don’t know about the valet key for this MY, but I don’t have one anyway … Button does not give - it’s the same as it acts when (legitimately) locked …

Try again. Guess it didn’t load up furst time csuse i had weak connection

Thanks! … So, although it doesn’t specifically mention it in that section of the manual, apparently last time I unlocked the boot somehow I put the key in the “isolate” position which = closing the lid caused it to automatically lock again. ?

Hope that is all it is.

A few years ago I did that

I paid 100 bucks for the factory manual for the car that was the donor to my lump. 94 Cadillac. One of the best investments I have ever made. got a greasy one for my 94 Jeep. About half the price. Well worth it.

I was lucky, my Jaguar came with a driver manual and maintenance manual.