Swapping Chevy 301 V8 on 1974 XKE to ZZ6 V8

Dear members,
I recently bought an XKE 1974 with a preinstalled Chevy 301 V-8 engine. I’m considering an engine swap to a 350 ZZ6 V-8. Please comment if you have done a similar swap.

Tim- There is an entire forum for Jags with non-Jaguar engines called Lumps. It is here.

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One cautionary warning: the side frames CANNOT be easily welded. If you cut the tubing, you compromise the whole front structure of the car.

If you must use a SBC, how about an LS engine? The older architecture SBCs seem so crude to me. Or perhaps an XK engine to keep it in the family?

Yup swap it out to a xk engine that a way you’ll get the real feeling .

An XK engine in a S3???

Why not, there were 6 cyl S3’s.

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A VERY few, like 5 or 6, and this is not one of them.

I’m very sure .and have no doubt what so ever and that means I’m pretty darn sure, no Jaguars ever came with a Chevy V8


Hey how about electric. Is the car worth spending some money on ?