Swapping wheel sizes

Just wondering if for example, you can swap a rim/wheel from an R model and directly bolt it on to a base or V6 Premium model. I thought that when I was researching wheel options, that I saw different bolt patterns for 18" or 20" rims. Doesn’t make sense that the bolt pattern would be different. Really like the Orbit wheel.

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The car has to be recalibrated for your
Traction control
It’s a dealer plug in reset that takes about 3 hours😀
I’m not kidding…Ah modern technology
You can get bigger wheels but you have to do the above or your dash will light up like a Christmas tree

Thanks for the reply. Just out of curiosity, I looked up the specs, specifically the diameter of 18", 19" and 20" tires for the F Type, and they are all within .3 " to .6" inches of one another. Of more disparity, is the width of the tires. I guess it’s one finicky cat with that little tire diameter difference to set off a code.



It’s called Big Beother watching you
They get you on the revolutions compared to speed😍