Sway bar Link ID?

These links are used on my Proteus and Copycats C-types. I need one if anyone recognizes a source.


Hi Mark of you dont get an answer here then try the FB group…my thought are made specific for the job…but now iv said that someone will tell us whete they’re from…Steve

Yep, that is next

Good to keep posting on this replica forum to get more followers and interest🤗

Yes, we can’t be the only guys working on these things!
I was lucky enough to get some correspondence from Jim Marland to the original owner of my car about frame and suspension modifications, including on the fly modifications to the cars as production evolved. A lot of it was damaged with rips and water damage but there is a lot of useful information in it.


Very nice original info…we’re in a “niche” market …great to keep…Steve

It looks like I’ve found a workable part. The ‘86-94 XJ40 links have the correct sized bushing hole for the swaybar and bracket bolt. The length is just under 1/4” shorter than the original part so should work ok.