Tach Generator (2) for sale

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Description: Selling two Tach Generators fits XK150, EType S1, MK2, MK10 both need to be rebuilt

Asking price (if selling): $150 for both

Location: Port Orchard, WA

Contact information: Chuck Anderson, chuckcwu@earthlink.net, 360 874 1801

Cost of shipping (if selling): TBD

Willing to ship worldwide? no

Please always be careful before sending money or valuables to someone you don’t know. Use an escrow service if you’re not 100% certain of the identity and integrity of the person you’re dealing with.

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I could use one for parts specifically the insulator on top for the wire connection. I have a good generator for a spare needs the part


Is one available? Might be interested.


Still have both of them available.

$80 for one, or $150 for both… plus shipping costs


Chuck Anderson

I recently bought two of the black plastic terminal pieces from one of the major sources. Not sure who. If you can find it listed I think I still have them in the bag they came in. It had a label.

I just want that time lapse video of you packing and unpacking your jaguar… :slight_smile:

I saw them listed at Terry’s but didn’t have any $30 don’t need it ( spare gen) might just glue mine together broke it removing the engine years ago
I’m smarter now

Hey Paul,

Good to hear from you…

That was taken by Chuck (what-his-name) at a Jag Club get-together up in Bellingham WA 8-10 yrs ago. That was a fun day… I think you know him…he drives a gun metal blue '65 OTS… Didn’t he come out to CO and visit you some years back?

Anyway…I’ll see if I can find the .mov clip on my computer.

FYI …After 22 years I’m selling the Jag. Getting too old for hi powered cats. My project car now is a '66 VW Beetle




Maybe he still has it somewhere!

I understand the impetus for getting rid of one’s Jaguar… As you probably knew, I did that six years ago.

Way more than that. I left NW Washington in mid-2010. Yes, that movie is still on my web server somewhere. Let me check. Here we go:

Stuffed FHC


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Hi Chuck,

Good hearing from you.

That video got a lot of laughs over the years…

The link you just sent did not have a video on it???

Could you take another look on your server?