Tales of a jaguar mk2

I purchased a 1961 2.4 in the early seventies for 50 quid . A good every day car , and in 1975 my job driving tower cranes took me to Scotland working on production platforms for the oil industry. While there the car developed a misfire, and on removing the rotor ,I discovered that it was badly burnt .I lodged in a caravan high above the firth of Clyde while my landlord and his wife were in a cottage nearby. Reg was a lovely man and an ex garage owner , and he knew everything about cars. He took the rotor , and on an anvil, gently tapped at the brass with a small hammer, extended the leading edge before filing and fettling it to perfection . The car gave no more trouble.

My first mk2 was in the 1974. 3.4 with wirewheels. It had a bad misfire and a slipping clutch, for £75.0

Here’s a. Thing, back in Scotland in the seventies with my mk2 , an overenthusiastic , ( I thought) MOT tester, failed the car for having a number of small cracks radiating out from the centre of the steering wheel. I was absolutely sunk ! What was I to do ? No internet , no friendly shop selling jaguar parts . A steering wheel ! Absolutely impossible to find . I called in to the village garage for petrol on the way home, and the workshop doors, which were always closed, were open this day , and there in the corner , covered in dust was a mk2 jaguar ! For a small fee , the garage owner let me exchange steering wheels . The sun shone for me again.