Talk About A Blast From My Past!

My SVRA friend just sent me this…

I saw this car live, back in 1968 or so, at CDR! Dick came over to my dad, asking for help with carburetion.

Mom, ever her entrepreneurial self, was selling submarine sandwiches out of the back of our race bus! We had a little table in there, and I remember clearly Tommy and Dickie sitting there, eating sub sandwiches and shooting the shit with my mom, who never met a stranger in her life!


Pretty Cool. Never knew they were in to racing. And, apparently your Pop had some car knowledge also. SD Faircloth

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Dick was into racing, Tommy was not. They were both there at CDR, and at the time, Dad had a Cooper with a Chevy II in it, which also ran in Formula B.

At the time, my dad was probably one of the top tuners in Denver on race engines.

Hangman, hangman slack your rope…

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Mom always liked you better!


Let us not forget Tommy’s secret superpower…


Yo yo man Ford Woody

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I want my 30 minutes back. I left this on (accidentally) while in the shop today as customers came in, now I know why they were doing the “huh” eyes at me (more than usual).

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You got a dog for your birthday. Mom gave me a chicken !


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