Testing Door Mirrors

Is there any way to bench test the Series 3 XJ6 door mirrors without the switch? There are 4 prongs on the plug for the different movements. Where would you apply the negative or is it reverse polarity on the wires???


Right. Two wires go to one motor and the other two to the other motor. You can figure out which the pairs by measuring continuity with an ohmmeter. Apply 12V to one pair and the mirror should move in one direction. Reverse polarity and it should move in the other. Repeat for the other pair (one pair is vertical, the other horizontal). IMHO.

Yes, you can bench test the S3 Saloon power mirrors. The White and Blue wires control the horizontal movement of the mirror and the Green and Yellow wires control the vertical movement of the mirrors. The polarity of how you connect the + and - controls the left-right movement and the up-down movement.
This information as well as the answers to many other mysteries are found in the S57 Electrical guide. I purchased my hard copy on eBay about 20 years ago and use it regularly.

Paul Novak

Thanks Robert/Paul! That is exactly what I needed! Much appreciation!

I just replaced the mirror internals from a Series III Jag into my Rolls Royce Spur mirror housing. The same company made the mirrors for Jaguar/Rolls Royce. The RR base is different in that it doesn’t have the two screws for mounting it to the door. The wiring had different colors and the plug was different, but otherwise exactly the same!

Take care!