Thank you for welcoming me to this forum

thank you for welcoming me to this forum. have already had some questions answered by you good people and as i use the car iv just bought i dare say i will be on here joining you quite a lot. please see attatched photo of car in question. thanks all.


Hey Robert, that’s a lovely car! Great bunch of guys and girls here - nothing is too much trouble - very, very few posts go unanswered. Someone usually knows! Paul.

Enjoy the ride!!!

Lovely car, glad to have you on board. You might want to update your information with your location. Might be someone nearby with a similar car or service or supplier suggestions.

Welcome aboard Gripper, if in doubt - ask, if certain, just ask anyways - it’s good conversation - either ways somebody far more knowledgeable than I will know the answer.

Lovely colour, and super paintwork! Perhaps a non original colour but that doesnt matter.
And keep those steel wheels with twin rim bellishers. Puts the car apart from the 95% on wire wheels.
The S-type is a better car than the Mk2, but few collectors choose it. As you can hear, I like and have one. Foundbmy fathers old S back in 1984. I have since enlarged my collection of 50s and 60s Jaguars. The second car is my 420G which is a real motorway cruiser. Totally underrated.

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