The Avengers XJ12C returning from the dead

It has been found! It is being restored! No, we’re not talking about the Bullitt Mustang, but the Steed XJ12C. The car is being returned to its former glory, and then some. How’s about an upgrade to 7.3L under the hood? All deviations from original fully reversible, of course.


More images and more information here:

We like it!


Geez…I had plumb forgotten about that!

Does the restoration include a vintage Emma Peel?


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If you’ve seen Detectorists you might not be so keen.


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Of… the car, or of Ms. Peel?


Neither has aged as well as one might have hoped.

The Detectorists is a great series though.

Yes, I saw that the Steed had resurfaced, I hope they take some liberties with making the lower grille more attractive.

What I want to know is when will the retro 2018 Jaguar Steed come to market - Ford has definitely made some money off the Bullitt Mustang cult following.

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Diana Rigg is 79. What would you expect?

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It looks bad, oh yes! But it’s original. Don’t mind the internals, but the look should be kept: but I agree that it’s the owner’s 100%.
I looked into the new avengers and didn’t find anything to like. The older ones, however… those I appreciate a lot.

I just remember the old Bentley and her Elan, checked out of ol’ Blighty pre-birth of that XJ12c so have no recollection of the car (or the show)

Steeds Bentley was much cooler And I LOVE the detectorists. We only got season one here in the states