The end of an era: Jaguar kills off the XJ

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No more: The Jaguar XJ, dead at 51. After 51 years, Jaguar has decided to end production of the XJ. The last car will roll off the assembly line this July. There have long been rumors that Jaguar would introduce an all-new, electric XJ, using the experience they’ve gained with the I-Pace. This could still…

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The sedan in general is a failing platform. They are being cut by many manufactures. The SUV crossovers are the new sedan.

Its been talked about a lot…

  1. I was trying to be a fan when it this last series came out.
    Terrible dash and interior killed THIS CAR.
  2. Monster trucks are all over the roads and with terrible third world conditions a small sidewall tire on a sedan makes for a terrible riding car.
  3. The portfolio version was the most elegant, but the cheap materials and layout inside coupled with OVER BADGING did not help the brand.
    I just hope Jaguar survives period…
    We shall see.
    Again, a sedan could be successful IF you bring back STYLE and WOOD and seats that don’t fester your hemroids………

This is the WORST news today! The BEST news is lan Callum is leaving Jaguar. I think he is one of primary reasons for Jaguar’s problems today! The XJ6 has been what kept Jaguar afloat for so many years. I bet Mercede will never dump their “S class” nor BMW drop their 7 Series!