The heat in the footwell!


Made lots of progress since I posted. Radiator in and perfect Brakes good, webers tuned, Gas tank fixed, and steering wheel is FINALLy able to pulled back a bit! After 3 attempts so far using gold and silver foils my tech has covered everything he can find. still seems above normal heat that is in the cabin. I don’t need extra neat in Los Angeles WHat have some of you tried, please?

Are you sure that there is not the slightest hole (shift lever for example, throttle brakes steering shaft etc.) or gap between panels where heat can be sucked in?

Lots of heat for a driver and passanger in a Realm or other C type is very common…even worse for driver on a lhd as you sitting next to the side exhaust…you have a huge engine and down pipes …its going to be hot…even an E type is hot if you dont have plenty of insulation…you can fit an air duct as per some original cars under wheel arch brings air from front up to dynamo position for more air under the bonnet…
.heat wrap to downpipes…heat insulation inside on all bulkhead/footwell areas and a heat reflector shield full length between exhaust and body…also heat reflector lining under the tunnel Converting to RHD will help :wink:

After getting pretty warm inside my Realm C-type I did some feeling around while stuck in traffic. It seems the frame tubes themselves are carrying engine compartment heat through to the interior, like a radiator. In addition to insulation and exhaust heat wrap (which my car has) I was thinking maybe insulating the interior frame tubes behind the instrument panel might help. Or maybe fresh air ducting at the bottom of the footwells.

When I get back hone, Ill take a pic of what I had to do on the JeeType, to keep from melting my Crocs.


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Is there a pic of what the exhaust heat wrap looks slike? much appreciated!

Google will throw up plenty of C type images… i just described useing heat wrap…not all Cs use it…iv done my manifold/headers but just to keep some heat off the underside of the bonnet…you can also wrap the downpipes…Steve…example here

Very Kool!

Thanks Steve

If you do this yourself then wear gloves…its fibreglass and will really get in your skin if you dont use gloves

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Here is mine. It was on there when I bought the car.



Well insulated heat shield between exhaust box and body under your driver’s door will improve things for you …i used aliminium sheet with a woven glass sheet behind…rivited to the body but with washers to create an air gap

GOod idea. GOing tp share this week with tech… Getting better!

thx alot

You can also try heat coating the headers inside and out.

It worked great on my Etype and I’ll definitely do it with the D

The place us called Fireball coating in Erin Ontario

Look up XMC coating

Thx much Had that done last week . Let you know how it works!