The Jaguar F-Type and the Keepers of The Faith

My 2014 F-Type S. Photo by the Gunnar Helliesen.

This isn’t exactly news, but rather musings about how we as Jaguar enthusiasts relate to the marque and to the company behind it.

How do we react when Jaguar introduces a new model? How long does it take for us to go from “this isn’t a proper Jaguar” to “this is a collectible classic”?

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Nice article Gunnar!

I think one of the main reasons we “keepers of the faith” keep the faith at our own “pace” is quite simply we valued and still value the uniqueness of those models Jaguar produced way back then. There was nothing else like them in their time and no other manufacturer even tried to mimic those Jaguar designs…they were indeed special.

Today’s cars seem to be so very similar, probably driven by what you suggest, global reg’s, that it just doesn’t seem as special as it once was to own or even be in one. Anyway, that’s my take on it, but again, nice article!