The main issues with my 1985 XJ6 Series 3

How could that be, what should I expect then?

The real mystery is how the CTS got into the mix, Michael - the wires comes and goes straight back to the ECU. The remedial action taken was at the diode pack, and the CTS wiring is completely separate from, and independent of, that item. Ie, is the CTS working as it should…?

Which was why I suggested the crude tests on the CTS - particularly the wire connections to the ECU. Also, the original connections at the diode pack, causing the problem(?), may be remedial action for some undisclosed fault - which may still be present?

On the other hand; I may be all wet…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

If it was me, I would like to know exactly what the tech guy did and what was causing the no start.
Electrics are tricky and extremely hard to troubleshoot when there are unknown modifications, they render the circuit diagrams useless and you might have a very hard time figuring things out next time your car refuses to start…
In all the electric modifications I did I have made notes and diagrams for future reference, it’s very easy to forget what you did.

As an owner of two S3 (83 and 85 european specs) as well as an electronic engineer for way too many years I can just write that I can only totally agree with you Frank!