The Mk2 owner's toolkit and Band- Aid scale

Below is the “starter series” special tool kit for a Mk2. You may need to destroy more tools to get specific jobs done. Heat shrink (per example) can be useful for avoiding shorts if you too lazy to disconnect. I’ve dropped the “stumpy” Phillips driver in the engine bay - yet to be recovered.
Just completed brake booster service is a six Band-Aid job.


I’m guessing the JCB (job completion beer) is in the fridge…

Yes, full medicinal strength.

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I’m really confused …… where are the BFH’s ?

Point taken. This is the engine bay series, perhaps? Can’t swing any sized H in there.

If you decide to turn the car upside down and shake it looking for the stubby, note there will be a shower of washers, screws, nuts, skin…

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