The question no-one was asking

The question on no-one’s lips was, of course, “how far could E-type dynamics be extended?”

I’m setting up this topic to describe the design and build of a car with extensively modified structure, suspension and powertrain. Much of the history and thinking behind this project has previously been covered in other areas and forums, possibly in such excessive detail that it obscured the original topics. I hope this dedicated area will avoid such interference and supply information only to those sad souls who crave it.


Here’s a view of the front upright which will be machined next week

The roots of this topic go back to here:

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and some more here:

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and a bit on tyres…


Thanks for setting up this independent thread: I’m following along with great interest, having a serious interest in how much better the whole package of an E type can be made, by using modern materials, modern engineering, and creative use of all of that.

Finally, some hardware. The new picture frame ready for welding

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We chose Quantum dampers from UK, not because we really need the extreme performance of monotubes but because they were very helpful in supplying internal valve parts and information to allow us to adjust the damping over a wider than a typical external adjuster will allow. I’ve spent some time getting familiar with the construction and adjustment range as the nice people at BDR Ground Control in Bangkok allowed me to use their damper dyno. Scrolling down their gallery will reveal a demented hobo in a pink shirt trying to pretend he knows what he’s doing.

I should emphasise this work is purely preparation, I don’t believe simulation or bench work can get anywhere close to on-car tuning for dampers. On a good day that’s the most powerful and satisfying element in a tuning program for me.

The decision to go for monotubes turned out to be fortunate some months later when we made a late decision to switch the upper control arms to rockers, allowing us to improve their structure while mounting the dampers near-horizontal above the picture frame.

Someone recently pointed me towards Penske dampers. They have a superb Technical Manual online (I won’t attach it here for fear of running foul of a US copyright lawyer, but it’s easy to find). There’s a lot of detail, seems to be naturally biased towards race rather than road but a great resource anyway.

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Need a good test driver? :grimacing:

Well that didn’t work as I intended. I’m happy to say I have no idea how to work Facebook, the truly dedicated can find them at BDRGroundControl

(Photo from Facebook added by admin to make life easier for everyone //Nick)

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Will you bring your guitar?
An informed opinion from a person who knows E-types would be useful. You’re not far from Utah, as I recall?

You betcha!

Just a day’s drive: Larry Miller Motorsports Park’d be a good facility.

Some more background, this from the UK E-type forum

We enter the topic towards the bottom of page 1

Good information, thanks. The car will be based in the Park City area. Looks close, in US terms.

The plan is for it to arrive in Utah as a rolling structure late this year, for completion early 2023.

Getting acquainted with the Quantum dampers, before heading for Bangkok to test on the dyno. The jounce bumper has been greatly shortened to make full use of the available travel.

Choice of linear or digressive pistons

I thought it would be a really good idea to print clamps to hold the piston rod in the vice while I was changing discs. The ABS version proved challenging…

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Rear upright, to be machined next week

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I am not entirely clear how this all fits in the suspension but I’m sure you’ll have subsequent 3-D drawings to show that.

Certainly will. Probably.
We had to take a bit of a flier on the uprights to get them in the machine shop schedule. The front suspension is low risk as it’s been fixed for a while - apart from detail at the chassis end of the dampers - but Peter dropped a new challenge on me yesterday with the rear. He thinks we can do something interesting with the exhaust system if we just nudge the rear lower arm back a little…
I know his use of the word “interesting” can involve large holes in the ground or travelling in dubious aircraft so I’m slightly wary.
It does answer any concern that I might be bored this weekend!


I should stress there’s no connection between the above two pursuits

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