The rubber petrol cap

slowly I’m solving everything … now I have water infiltration from the petrol cap … the rubber cap is damaged and although the water flows correctly from the vent during the rain, it goggles inside the trunk. What code does that headset have? so I put it new.

Hello Max …

If this is the rubber cap that you’re referring to it comes as one assembly. It’s called the “fuel filler latch box” and the part number is CBC9734. I doubt if you’ll find a new one (but who knows) and your best bet is a used unit or try to repair the one you have.

By the way what country are you from, I don’t recognize the flag :thinking:

Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 10.29.08 AM

Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 10.26.25 AM

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There are probably no new ones. FUEL GAITER was separate as CAC7972 ->
The Fuel filler latch box is also no BEC7532

I think the rain enters from this broken part…I did not find it new or used! How can I repair this hole?

Bicycle innertube tire repair kit

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Thanks…I Will try :crazy_face:

I fixed it with windshield glue. This adhesive is moldable like silicone. First, I glued with “super glue” (cyano …). Glue for bicycles is not a good idea. I tried- it doesn’t work :slightly_smiling_face:

The gaiter is rubber, vulcanizing it with bicycle patch will work, you probably didn’t prep it properly or use correct patch method. Glue alone, temporary fix IMO

I had a crack in the bend of the collar, so the repair was not easy. In general, the Jaguar’s technical solution of the fuel filler is weak :-1:

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I imagine doing an in-place repair would be very difficult.
My solution using the bicycle tire kit would almost have to been done on the bench with the gaiter out of the car, I wouldn’t attempt it with the thing in place, hard enough to clean the leaves, silt etc. out of there on a good day!

I think the engineers presumed the cars would always be parked in garages by our chauffeurs and never under a tree on the street.

Ok…but how can I take away this rubber to repair it? P.s. I write from Italy :yum:

You will have to remove the entire assembly

my repair

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Entire assembly? What exactly? Not the fuel box…I hope…

Item #1 in the illustration

Maybe will be the time I find solutions for the locked door of fuel cap!

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I repaired the seal on my last car with a piece of rubber cut from a little trampoline I found at the dump. I’d brought it home initially to fix a small leak in my garden pond but used an off cut for the filler neck seal. Mine was split in more than one place so I cut out a piece to the shape I required. You will have to remove it from the car to do it properly. I used glass cleaner to clean the rubber, it has to be perfectly clean, then I roughed the surface with a bit of sandpaper
As Larry suggested the rubber solution from a bicycle puncture repair kit is perfect for vulcanising your patch into place, make sure you place the patch correctly first time because the bond is instant, you can’t peel it off to adjust it if you get it wrong.


Adding a seal around flange resessed for the fuel flap should also do the trick. That’s what Jaguar did with XJS models. Flap creates a sufficient seal to make the entire inner area dusty-dry.

Id try wader adhesive Ive used GEAR AID Sealant + Adhesive. seam grip + WP … thats all imprinted on package… its waterproof permanent flexible (yes more so than regular GOO or even SHOE GOO) dries clear or so the package says

I paid 8 for it at a sporting goods shop… very strong… very very flexible…

Good luck