Thermo time switch on 87Cdn XJ12

After reviewing the manual and the archives I understand that my 87 HE XJ12 does not have cold start injectors however it appears that the switch is in place on the front right side of the engine, just below where the rad hose connects.
What is there has two male spade connectors on top
I can’t find any corresponding connector on the rest of the wiring in the area.
Would it make sense that the switch is still there or am I confusing it with something else?

I suggest that you post a picture of the part you are asking about to eliminate any confusion over what that part is.


Hi Paul, let me brush up on how to attach a picture and I will do that!

Paul, here is a picture, not the greatest but the part in question is the copper colored piece between the black hose and the two white electrical connections

Coolant temp sending unit for the temp gauge on your dashboard. With any luck you’ll find a green/blue wire dangling nearby


Hi Doug
Isn’t the temp sending unit on the right hand side?

Or is that the lead to the ECU?

Single spade with black top - this is the sending unit for the cluster.

The pic you posted IS the right hand side :slight_smile:

The coolant temp sensor for the ECU is on the left hand side, just aft of the thermostat, and has a connector that looks just like the connectors used on the the fuel injectors.


Ahg! I meant left side, and roger the left side is the ECU.
I’ll check again for a green/blue wire on the right side