Thermostat Housing

I am looking for a thermostat housing for a 2005 XK8 naturally aspired. Part number is AJ89200 superseded by AJ89486. There aftermarket items that claim to fit but they are incorrect.

Hi this needs to be in the classifieds section.

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Sorry about that Robin.

Hello, I am looking for the same thermostat housing part. Any luck or tips where to locate one? It has been frustrating.

Hey Tim
I had one on back order with Welsh Jaguar and I was notified on Friday that it arrived and it’s been shipped. I would give them a try.

Thank so much. I did try them last week. Will try again. Sounds like you got lucky!

I started looking for one back in early July. I know SNG Barrett in the UK is expecting stock at the end of August. Good luck with your search.

Hello Tim
I got notification that this company has stock of a housing.

Wow. Thanks so much! It is used but beats waiting an unknown amount of time for new.