Thermostat stuck open?

(Grooveman) #1

Quick question … anyone know what temperature thermostat originally came in my 1989 XJ40 ?

I’m almost sure that mine is stuck open. Engine is very-y slow to come up to temperature and never really gets there in this cold Texas weather.

( Larry ) #2

I believe the factory EBC3621 stat is an 88 degree C, or 190 degree F thermostat. Bit of a choice available at Rockauto, temps and brands. I like Stant myself, but the Stant they have is a bit on the c-c-cold side for me.,1989,xj6,3.6l+l6,1178221,cooling+system,thermostat,2200

(Grooveman) #3

Thanks Larry …

Since my super cool digital temperature gauge has 90c as the middle reading a 190F degree thermostat only makes sense. Already ordered. By the way I love Rock Auto !

( Larry ) #4

Whats not to like (exclamation point)

(Robin O'Connor) #5

They are based in the US, a bit of a hike for anybody either side of the ponds :frowning: