Things I Learned While Fitting the Bonnet

I’ll admit that I’m no Michael Frank but here is a link to a long form article I have been laboring over about fitting the bonnet. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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“…before the pain subsided.”

I feel ya…:expressionless:

Good info, thanks for posting Harvey! I was a little alarmed at the grinding out of the hinge to allow the bonnet to scuttle fit. Presumably the gap was ok before resto’ so what happened to make the gap so wide that made the grinding necessary?

Excellent article Harvey! Thanks for posting.

Les, I suspect the gap was never that good until I went to these efforts. I had lower standards 10 years ago e.g. I was desperate to get’er done and get on the road.

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One small tip I learned on my Healey. When installing the chrome beading cover the sharp ends of the brass tabs with electrical tape until all are in their proper places, then pull off tape and bend. No scratches.