This might be the part of racing I missed the most…,

The morning warm-up! To my ears, it’s symphonic!

By the way, the number 19 car? That’s the PERFECT mixture!


Wow, a douple of those sound like threshing machines!

I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs.
But I trust dogs who don’t like people.

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I walked behind a McLaren M8 at Elkhart Lake one morning, just as they hit the starter button. The concussion almost knocked me down! BOOM!

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The late, great, Jim Pace. McLaren M6. Elkhart Lake.

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As a kid, MnD took me down to CDR, in '67, or so, and a local racer, Bud Morley, had an M7A, backed up to the infield fence (I wasn’t allowed in the pits).

I was by the fence, and he fired up the BBC: may be what ruined me out of liking V8s…:confounded:

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