Those *(*)*_*^^*)_))&^^ Inside Taillight Covers!

I had to check the bulbs in Greenie’s left side taillights earlier this week, and when I went to take the (black plastic) cover off, I discoved the PO apparently had the very same issue with it that I had with Scrapper’s back in the day – namely, not being able to get the damn thing to snap back in place. :angry: The owner’s manual makes it look like it is just a snap (no pun intended), but I find it is far from anything such (as is often the case with instructions in the owner’s manuals :roll_eyes: ).

Is there some trick to doing it – a Jag-jitsu maneuver, akin to hitting the juke box just right to get it to play a tune for free? :smiley_cat:

This situation calls for the return of Fonzie from Happy Days and his special moves.

Useless design.

I get them on ok, but they don’t stay on for many days!

I thought you located the bottom 2 tab, and then clicked in the top one.

Maybe it needs a screw in the middle! or maybe a hole in the top tab, where a cable tie could be pushed though, to prevent the cover falling off

had a look today.

If you take a bulb holder and cover these 2 mate well.

The bottom boot trim that runs along the bottom, seams to push on the covers. So I have trimmed the cover where it hits the boot trim. Not too convinced yet though.