Tidy coupe on BAT

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That is a nice looking conversion, I don’t often see the 2-door versions in the US. It should be fun to drive with around 350 hp under the hood. It seems to being doing very well bid to $40K USD already with 4 days remaining.

looks great! done well. out of my price range. lol
and has the “vette” engine, lol

Yikes… just sold for US$165,000!

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Just came to see who was talking about it. I really didn’t think it would even get to the previous sale price.

Nice looking car, but I didn’t see it selling for anything close to that price!

I realize that I often times say, “all it takes is a willing seller and a willing buyer,” but holy credoodlies!!!

So much for the so-called ‘matching numbers premium!’

This XJC ,NON jaguar powered just brought $165,000.00 on BAT it closed yesteday

wow! it’s nice and all, but damn.
i was guessing 40-45k??
time to chop 2 doors off my lump…


It sold a while ago on BAT for 100K or so, it was done as a showcase by a high-end body shop the original listing said. Damn nice-looking car, even the purists have a hard time disparaging it lol.
Crazy money but where else are you going to get the like eh?