Timing chain noise/rattle X300 3.2

i’m Andrea and i write from north of Italy.
I have just bought a xj6 3.2 x300 with 148.000 km, year 1996.
I heard a strange noise while i run (expecially during accelartion from 1800 to 2200 rpm)
i changed the upper tensioner and the oil (castrol 10w60) last month, but that noise remains the same. it sounds like a little rattle.
i’m so worried …
i checked carefully and i heard the noise in the area where the lower tensioner is housed.
sometimes the noise is minimal,sometimes a little more,sometimes disappears.
is it just annoying or danger?
I trust in your experience

please help me.

( please excuse my bad english)


Andrea, any suspicious noise in the timing chain area should be cause for concern and should be investigated immediately. You have two choices - either spend the necessary money to have the timing chains and tensioners replaced (there is no point in going to all the trouble of removing the timing chain cover if you don’t replace the appropriate parts) OR run the risk of destroying the engine if the timing chain breaks!