Timing chains etc keep or replace?

Hello all,
I have reached the point of decision regarding the timing chains and all that good stuff at the front there. I am not building a racing car, just trying to do what is right for the car.

It is a rather low engine XJ6 S2 engine and on disassembly the tensioner seemed to be in good shape with only a narrow gap from its base.

Is the established wisdom to:
1- If it aint obviously damaged keep it all (chains, sprockets, tensioners etc.) , cost $0
2- Absolutely replace everything (including sprockets) now since you are in there, modern aftermarlet parts are better/quieter/longer lasting, cost $700
3- Replace chains and guides just vecause , cost $100
4- Other… hours of measuring…

Thank you :slight_smile:

If indeed that is al factory stuff, it looks reusable.

Ensure the tensioner is NOT a Rolon: if it is, get a good Renold (French made) one, which can be found from most of the usuals.

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Great thanks, how can I identify if it is a Rolon?

It should be stamped on its front: you will have to remove one retaining bolt, loosen the other, and swing the lock plate out of the way.

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What Paul said… but just to emphasize - don’t be tempted to change the guides. The aftermarket stuff is very prone to separation and failure as well, like the Rolon tensioner. I just pulled apart a S1 XJ engine with low miles on a PO’s bad rebuild and the 2 top guides’ rubbers were completely off and all the others were getting ready to fail. Personally at this point I would only ever replace guides with something like the Rob Beere’s set. I don’t know who’s making guides for the suppliers now but they are a disaster waiting to happen. There’s not even a brand name to stay away from… Not worth the risk.



I am headed to simply use what came out of the engine.

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So Long as the tensioner is not a Rolon, you should be golden.


Here is what I’ve got.
The guides and tensioner show a little wear.
One of them however seems to show a small area of metallic wear.
Any thoughts on this?

I think I am just gonna reuse all that.


Not terribly bad: If you can get a new Renold tensioner,and new chains, you should be OK.

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