Tire sizing questions

Ok so the tires I am replacing are the Michelin x 6.4 x 15 and they seem skinny but I have always really liked the way they look on the car.

I like the simple tread design and simple sidewall. Maybe it’s just because it’s the only tire I have ever seen on this car so I don’t know any better! Anyways the point is I have to order new tires. Thumbing through my service manual I found the receipt from these tires and let’s just say they are a ways past life expectancy!

I would love to just replace them with the same tire but they seem to be impossible to find and most have gone to the Michelin xvs or the vredstein it seems like in a 185vr15. Can anybody reassure me it isn’t going to look a whole lot different or that the performance of the tire will outweigh my doubts on the looks! I’m sure it’s the right choice I just need a nudge in the right direction!

Good LORD - 53 year old tires!

Here’s a few photos of the Vreds…


Haha yeah I had to drive it about 2 blocks a little while back and was sweating bullets! And I was guessing 40 years old at that point! Either way that’s impressive they are even still on the rims. The vreds look good and those are the 185?

So how many miles are on the car now?

Well, the bad news is that Vredestine is out of stock in the US until February.

Coker Tires sell a 185-15 Avon Turbospeed that would be the correct size, and certainly will outperform your Michelin’s

I guess I got some of the last ones- I just received 5 Vreds 185VR15 from Tire Rack about 2 weeks ago!

At least when they are back they should have fairly fresh manufacture dates. I suspect these low-demand tires are only produced occasionally so this is what we have to deal with.

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Tom it now has 41,000 so pretty impressive mileage out of them I would say!

Shades of Burt Munro, brave man (both of you)


I ended up ordering the hr rated Michelin due to a 5 month back order on the vr rated version. I drive like a granny these days so that will be just fine compared to what it’s replacing! Thanks again for the help from this fine group!

May have something to do with them being rated as summer tires too. Probably not much demand at this time of year.

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Tire rack has them in stock right now. Was looking last night

Yes, the 185VR15’s are correct for your car. Check out the Dunlop SP Sports and Pirelli Cinturato’s as well. They all look similar although the XVS’s seem to look slimmer than the Dunlop’s. Tyre pressure varies with each make. I use 38psi front and rear for the Dunlop Sports, 30/35psi for the XVS’s.

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Look again Larry…

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That is totally weird. It said in stock and the price was a whole lot more expensive


Ok I see the difference. The ones in stock are ‘W’ rated, the V rated. And are $235 each.

You’re right- I don’t think the E-type needs W rated (168 MPH sustained) tires :joy: Not many need the V rated (149 MPH sustained) either… OTOH I didn’t know Vred made W rated tires in 185-15.

When these cars were new the highest tire ratings were HR!

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The ratings are not just about sustained speeds, they also take into account weighting in cornering and car dynamics.