Tool Kit question series 1 XJ

Not the yellow handled one. This is so it works on more screws.
The later grey handled ones of the same design are ubiquitous in geman cars of the last century well into the 2000s.


I don’t think anything is missing in my tool bag. True, there are small pockets top left, but the original parts catalogue doesn’t depict any items belonging into them and lacking in my tool bag. In fact, it is only two very flat pockets (as depicted in the parts catalogue), not three. The left one is just big enough to accomodate the diameter of the tire guage (as the depiction seems to indicate. Maybe the right pocket (even narrower) was used to store the second screwdriver blade that the part catalogue still indicates.

So the right one of the top left pockets may have become redundant upon the introduction of the yellow turnaround screwdriver (“C.36263/a”).

Thanks for your efforts in documenting these details and good luck!

BTW, what makes you think my car was produced in the first weeks of January? Is there any list I’m not (yet) aware of or is this just a matter of known other cars as documented in XJ6data?


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

No Robert - they are PHILLIPS Head, not Pozidriv

Great pickup Jochen - I havnt yet consolidated matters with Series 2 XJ, XJS and later tool kits, mostly concerned only up to the last of the V12 E-types sharing the same black-vinyl tool roll. The last V12 E-type SPC RTC9014 of Jan 1974 does indeed incluse the three small tools housed in the top-small pockets - a C993 Extractor for Tyre Valve, a C5444 LUCAS Screwdriver/feeler Gauge (for Distributor) and a C5587 Feeler Gauge (none of which were of any use/relevance to a V12 E-type, so just a carry over) The first XJ6 Series 2 SPC was RTC9097A of May 1974 and I knew it had already deleted the C5587, but it still shows the other two - the C993 and C5444. But, as you point out, the next XJ6 S2 SPC RTC9097B of August 1975 does indeed now delete both these C993 and C5444 - I hadn’t noticed that before. (Similarly the first XJS SPC RTC9109A of August 1975 does not include these three small items either). So thats what I call the THEORY, which is indeed a solid/definitive start, but beggars the question - when did the change happen between May 1974 and August 1975. So next step is of course PHYSICAL evidence re sighting of reliably original and dateable Car Tool Kits - with your January 1975 S2 XJ6 being a perfect example within the unknown period. So as you say, although the same C.31164 Tool Roll continued to be used up until 1978, these top-small pockets became redundant from some time between Sept 1974 and Dec 1974 (using monthly accuracy simplification)
See attached S2 SPC RTC9097A of May 1974

XJ6 S2 RTC9097A 1974 May.pdf (844.0 KB)

But note, you have to be careful - the line drawings are indicative only and often as in this case they actually are old illustrations of earlier part number tools - so you have to focus on the shown Part Nos for accuracy, with the illustrations an indicative guide only…

Jochen, just relooking at you Tool Kit illustration - maybe a slightly later version…
See attached, this is the second Series 2 SPC RTC9097B of August 1975, which is best I have (and I think nothing else better actually exists) to suit your car…
XJ6 S2 RTC9097B 1975 August.pdf (952.4 KB)

Got it. Neither of my (bought used) Series 1’s had tool kits, but both had Posidriv screws, #1, 2 and 3. Not sure any screws were the old Phillips (which Phillips replaced with Pozidriv when the original patent ran out IIRC). The US has kept Phillips (and Imperial units and deg F) but I thought Europe had largely gone to Pozidriv by the seventies?

To this day we have both, what you will not find is Robertson and JIS.
XJ is mostly Pozi. The screwdriver is Phillips because it’s cheaper to make and fits both somewhat. A Pozi does not fit a Phillips screw.

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