Tool Kit question series 1 XJ

Question about tool kit for a Series 1 XJ6.
My car is a 1973 XJ6 and I have had the car for 41 years, It came with a tool kit which I believed was mostly original (first photo)
But I thought perhaps the screwdriver may have been lost at some stage and replaced with another - the yellow handled one.
I have been seeking the traditional black handle item with two blades so as to make my tool kit correct.
But recently I saw an ad for a V12 Etype kit that appeared to have the same screwdriver as I have. (second photo)
So is the yellow handled screwdriver correct for cars around 1973? or should it be the black one?

I have what appears to me to be the exact same tool kit from my (sold) S2 '74 DVP DDS

just put in the boot of my 420G yesterday, but can take a pic today

I showed a pic to Roger Payne, who is the unquestioned Guru on Jag tools

He stated they were a very cheap tool kit to buy at swap meets $100 would get one

My thought was I would never bother selling it for that, rather just keep it

Mine has the yellow screwdriver, and the spanners are not marked “Jaguar”, but are correctly stamped with some other name

If Roger is correct, and I have no doubt he would be, you could get any tool you wanted for not many $

I think mine may be missing one or two small items

Thanks Tony,
I made this post in the hope that Roger Payne may respond as I have noted he seems to have a great deal of knowledge in this area,
The yellow screwdriver in my kit is “Bodmann” brand made in Germany.
It would be a shame if a fine British car of this era would use a German screwdriver in the tool kit!

Spanners are “Heyco”

Yellow screwdriver is “made in Germany”

I think Roger mentioned the pliers and/or double ended screwdriver may be “ring ins”

I cannot recall what year the change from Jaguar stamped to Heyco took place, I have an idea it may be 73.

Other XJ owners can advise

What can you do, its probably the correct toolkit for your vehicle, so be it

I always runmmage wrecks for tools or toolkits, most are already denuded

As I mentioned this is the tookit that came with my early S2 ('74) DDS VDP

Confirmed. On my 75 SII the change-around screwdriver is yellow and the spanners are Heyco as well. BTW, Heyco is a German tool manufacturer domiciled at Remscheid, German steel heartland, and, while their tool kit quality (also supplied to BMW) may not match the likes of Stahlwille or Hazet, they are decent quality.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)


My 1975 XJ6C does not have it’s orginal tools, it has a Ser 3 XJ toolkit, but my Feb. 1972 E-tyoe V12 OTS has it’s original verified toolkit and it looks just the same, yellow translicent handle on the screwdriver. :+1:


Indeed, Jochen, but open ended spanners are still ‘unsafe’ - emergency use only…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Miscellaneous useless info: Way back when God was a boy in 1995, I was service manager at a Nissan dealership. Nissan had just introduced the “Infinity” (yes, it was a Nissan branded model, made on a bespoke assembly line to rival Bently and Rolls Royce) which came with a gold plated tool kit! All the spanners and pliers were plated with 18ct gold. I wonder how many of those tool kits remain with the cars that still survive?

XJ Tool Kits on their introduction from July 1968 onwards, introduced for the first time for a Jaguar Saloon a new design TOOL ROLL - Jaguar Part No C.31164.
This C.31164 Tool Roll was used in all Jaguar XJ Series 1 and Series 2 (and Daimler equivalents) from 1968 to the last in May 1978 as well as all E-types Series 2 and Series 3 [V12], and XJ-S from 1968 to the last, also in May 1978. The Series 3 XJ and later XJS introduced a totally different Tool Kit, housed in a plastic attaché case. It should be noted however that for all XJs and E-types/XJS exported over that period to North America (USA and Canada) did not receive any Tool Kit at all, apart from a Jack and other Wheel Changing equipment. All UK home market, and all other export markets DID receive a Tool Kit plus Wheel Changing Equipment.

The contents of the Tool Roll/Tool Kit differed slightly on whether an XJ or an E-type, but more so whether for a 6 cylinder XJ6/S2 E-type or for a 12 cylinder XJ12, V12 E-type or XJS.

And most relevant to the topic question - each of the included tools evolved in detail, including brand, based on its age, or the date-of-manufacture of the XJ/E-type so fitted over the 1968 to 1978 period of being housed in the C.31164 Tool Roll. Even the Tool Roll itself changed - although the C.31164 was always of the same design/pattern with NINE large pockets, and TWO small pockets from 1968 to 1971 the material used was a quite thick VYNIDE material, a synthetic leather-like material. From 1971 onwards the same C.31164 Tool Roll was now made from a thin shiny-black plastic/vinyl material - as shown in all the above Tool Kit photos. John claims his Series 1 XJ6 is a 1973 thus as shown should have its pictured shiny-black vinyl tool roll being quite clear cut re the change in material, but for all other tools its best to establish this XJs exact date-of-manufacture which is shown on a Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust certificate, or if he advises his XJ’s CHASSIS/CAR No, I can reasonably estimate to monthly accuracy its date-of-manufacture. A good starting point is the most appropriate (age) Spare Parts Catalogue listing for the Tool Kit - the latest Series 1 XJ6 Spare Parts Catalogue is from December 1972 - see attached…
XJ6 JC89 2nd Edition 1972December.pdf (1.1 MB)
There is a June 1973 Series 1 XJ12 SPC - but as above, being a 12 cylinder car, there are some differences…
RE the question at hand - the SCREWDRIVER. As shown in the December 1972 SPC is shown as the earlier C20482 that was introduced in 1963, but pointedly this ‘working’ Dealership SPC has had the part number updated to C.36263. The June 1973 XJ12 SPC uses the same (now incorrect) illustration but is shown as the revised part number C.36263. See attached photo of both the black-handled C20482 and the opaque-yellow handled C.36263.

So just this tells me that at sometime after December 1972, but before June 1973 the new design C.36263 Screwdriver was introduced. So Johns exact date-of-manufacture is important, albeit given the opaque-yellow handle screwdriver is indeed a C.36263, it is odds on the correct one for his ‘1973’ XJ6 Tool Kit. But as above, there are age related variations to this same part number C36263 tool, with subtle differences indicative of different brand/manufacturer, and with different branding/lettering molded in - note the pictured example has only MADE IN W.GERMANY lettering (note West Germany and not just the post 1990 Germany), and no brand… John, can you advise what lettering is on your yellow handled C36263 Screwdriver…

And PS. Don’t know how long ago I told Tony that you could pick up an XJ Tool Kit for $100, but that is certainly the good old days…, indeed its quite difficult to find these days, with most XJ tool kits being offered as being E-type tool kits - that attracts more interest/higher price…


Hi Roger,

My yellow is “Made in W Germany”

You just skooled me up, I never knew it was a double-ender !

On that basis I have ejected the unmarked black plastic double end screwdriver you said was probably a ring in

This brings me to the red pliers, which as I recall you did not think were correct

Thing is the markings are “Knipex 30-02 W Germany”

That would be fairly coincidental if it is not original (do the later pliers look like these ?)

Maybe you said $200

I seem to be missing the “key” and tyre pressure gauge

There are 2 tommy bars

Not in any hurry to sell my E-type tool roll :laughing:

Hi Roger,

If you like, I can send pics later of the toolkit of my #1S20183 V12 OTS that was finished on February 17th 1972 and dispatched to Beligium on March 6th 1972. It has the later yellow translucent handle on the screwdriver. Also I am pretty sure it is exactly as the one pictured in JHT / Clausager’s Factory originl E-type book, I don’t remember the vin# or the given timing, but can check later. My car in unrestored, it has had a partial repaint in 2006 but other than the door handles, ignitition lock and a few rubber seals is still factory original, the jack in it’s bag and and tools in their roll are pretty much untouched, I have only looked and observed them and they appear not to have ever been used. There is minor surface rust and oxidation of course, after 50+ years.

Also regading a few details on the radio console and center console I could verify they were that way as there were still the little assembly decals on the inside and for instance on the steering column, showing date, body number and some details.


Thanks Roger,
A wealth of information here.
My car was manufactured in March 1973. I bought it in 1983 from the first owner with all records and the tool kit. I have yet to see a more original series 1 XJ6, so am keen to make sure the tool kit is correct. The spanners are stamped “Jaguar” - not the Heyco type. The screwdriver is a stated earlier “Made in Germany” and definitely came with the car iwhen I purchased it.


Yes please - can you send direct to:
Can you also send photos of your Wheel Changing Equipment (Jack, Handle, Wheelbrace/Hammer etc). It really helps have good original tool kits from a known Car/Chassis No car, thus dateable, as this is instrumental in trying to sort out the evolution of tool changes/variations to my goal of one-monthly accuracy…
Yours is of additional interest being a LHD car not being dispatched new to North America - thus it still gets a Tool Kit (Same as with same age RHD cars)

Just now having a good look at this thread, so will comment one by one…
As per my original posting these Tool Kits that are housed in the C.31164 Tool Roll were used for all XJ6/12 (S.1), all XJ6/12 (S.2), Series 2 E-type, Series 3 (V12) E-type and XJS up to 1978. There contents vary whether XJ or E-type, whether 6 cylinder or 12 cylinder car, overlayed with an ongoing age related evolution 1968 to 1978. The advertised ‘so called’ V12 E-type Tool Kit is misidentified, as it is in fact from a Series 2 XJ6. The main identifier is it includes a Box Spanner as supplied for changing the Sparking Plugs on a 6 cylinder engine, and not the one as supplied for V12 engines - presuming this box-spanner is original to this tool kit, and not something added to replace a missing tool in the original tool kit. There are other anomalies as well, which is not uncommon with loose tool kits sold on on-line auction/for sale sites where no providence is supplied nor usually expected, so you get many mix and match offerings invariably offered as being E-type, as that usually generates higher prices than if declared to suit an XJ6… So a useful tool kit generally, but one I would be very careful with re its make up and detail…

Jochen, what a superb Series 2 XJ tool kit, and as new, as indicated by the Tyre Pressure Gauge still being wrapped in its plastic bag. Note the XJ6 (6 cylinder) box spanner stamped 1/2"BSF that suits the spark plugs. Are you saying your yellow handled screwdriver is branded HEYCO or just the spanners or both?
Can you advise your Car No/Chassis Number, or a more accurate dating than just ‘75’

Tony, you have already sent me direct a few photos of this tool kit - thankyou.
Along with other comments, I believe that your ‘declared at 1974’ DD6 (always like to know a Chassis No, and this a confirmed/exact date) should indeed have a C.36263 opaque Yellow handled screwdriver which current research says was introduced before 1973 (and possibly as early as mid 1972 - with some overlap with the outgoing black handled C20482). AS before over the 1973 to 1978 period of these Tool Roll tool kits there were at least four different brands/markings of these yellow (single-reversible blade) handled screwdrivers, albeit not to say there were not any more. My research into 1970s tool kits is much less developed than it is for earlier 1940s/50s/60s Tool kits. But so far, in I believe chronological order, they are:- C.36263/a (marked MADE IN W GERMANY) , C.36263/b (marked MADE IN WEST GERMANY and on opposite side of handle DGBM - for Deutsches Bundes Gebrauchsmuster), C.36263/c (with no marking/branding at all), and C.36263/d (marked MADE IN W.GERMANY and on opposite side HEYCO) . AS above, there may be more, and my indicative chronology may be incorrect, or maybe in fact these four overlap/intermix to some degree - I just dont have enough reliable dateable (to monthly accuracy) to be any more confident for now). So I see you have now clarified that yours you initially said being marked GERMANY is now, as expected MADE IN W GERMANY (in block letters, as per my photo???). I dont recognise at all your Black-Plastic handled screwdriver in your photo, so I would remove it for now - but keep it just in case…

Otherwise - your two Tommy Bars - the one with the forged Hemispherical Head is as expected with earlier XJ6 Tool Kits that have the 1/2"BSF Box Spanner. The straight-rod bright Tommy Bar looks like a C36613/2 (3/8in dia, 9-1/2in ling) which was introduced later that goes with the special articulated sparking plug tool C36613 introduced for V12 Engines from mid 1972 onward. So I dont know what you have - how sure are you that this tool kit is ex a 1974 DD6 (12 cyl). Bear in mind, the early V12 period (as introduced with V12 E-type) was problematic with the Sparking Plug spanner, with an interim box spanner used prior to mid-1972. But its hard for me to reconcile your 1/2" BSF box spanner in a 1974 DD6 12-cylinder tool kit, unless a factory error (possible/unlikely) given the parallel 6 cylinder tool kits still used this 1/2" BSF box spanner.

Your Knipex 30-02 W Germany pliers are something I have never seen before, so I suspect for a car living in Europe probably something added later, if correct one lost/missing. Correct one I believe is definately English made and be of the style as per attached picture, noting again an evolution of exact branding…

So more as per Jochen’s 1975 Tool Kit.

So I would ditch your red-handled Pliers, as I really cant see any chance of them being anything Jaguar/Daimler related…

This is where it gets very difficult as this Leyland era of the 1970s was not a high-point of Jaguars history, and that equally applies to the tool kit re multiple suppliers, quality issues, and I expect stock management, so I can only go on what my research allows at its current status… Usually a very original 1973 XJ6 as owned since 1983 would be right up there as most probably having a reliably original tool kit, but having said that there is still 10 years unaccounted for, when who knows what may or may not have happened…
For 1973 the theory says there should be four open-ended spanners - C.36264, C.36265, C.36266 and C.36267. These are four new part numbers introduced in mid 1972 that introduced spanners of four revised combination sizes, and were as supplied by HEYCO. See attached photo of the four HEYCO Spanners, plus the reverse of the C.36267…

Prior to 1972, all Jaguar Tool Kits included the four open-ended spanners C.4594, C.4595, C.4596 and C.4638. These four were first introduced in 1951 for the Mark VII, and continued to be supplied up to mid 1972, but over that 21 year period there were FIVE different brands who supplied the same basic size/shape spanner of different combination sizes. Your four look to be all SSP brand on one side (with JAGUAR) on the other side… see pic…

These SSP spanners were the FOURTH brand last seen in 1971/2 with diminishing presence overlapping the final FIFTH brand EAGLE that continued until fully superseded by the new part number HEYCO spanners from mid-1972…
So both theory, and current physical evidence indicates that your March 1973 Tool Kit should have a set of HEYCO open-enders, and not there current earlier SSP spanners. I should also note that later Tool Kits introduced metric size HEYCO spanners and HEYCO spanners that were Chromium Plated. The pictured set shows correct combination AF inch fraction sizes, and the original variability in colour of their black-oxide/gun bluing finish…

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Thanks Roger!

In fact, when I got the car I had to put some attention to the tool kit, as the tools had put on rust, most notable the pliers (the only tool indicating “Sheffield” and “England”.

The screwdriver has no trade mark or producer indication, but only “Made in W.-Germany”.


The car was delivered to the original buyer on April 4, 1975 at Henlys Showroom, Piccadilly Circus, London. So it should be a rather early 1975 specimen. Chassis-no. is 2T 12048 BW.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Its January 1975, indeed 1st or 2nd week in January, so VERY EARLY 1975…
Your Screwdriver is as per what I call a C.36263/a albeit my current evidence of Chronology is not well developed, so this is most useful given the reliable Jan 1975 dating.
Your pliers are what I call a C996/j - and my dating chronology is reliable/well developed with your Jan 1975 as expected/consistent.
Your BOX SPANNER is as expected, but its actual Jaguar Part Number is unknown it seems being an interim re-release of the 1950s C.179 discontinued after 1960 XK150 then a C.179/b. So in the absence of a known part number I call these XJ6 box spanners a C.179/c. However later Leyland documentation indicates maybe/probably a Leyland Part No. CAC.3428 which was more usually found later zinc-plated or black powder coated. For now I am happy referring to these in Jan 1975 as a C.179/c and indeed you do now regularly see them offered for sale as suiting XK120-150 which had C.179/b only .
So no other issues at all with your superb tool kit - albeit you are missing the three small items for the top-left pockets…

The non-flatblade screwdrivers were Pozidriv I presume?